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      Wuxi HuaLi Cylinder Tube Co., Ltd.Located in the scenic coast of Taihu Lake, Where is the world famous tow of Wuxi peaches Town.This company is a professional high-precision aluminum cylinder tube manufacturer,absorbing the global experience from all manufacturer working in precision aluminum
      cylinder tube,using advanced cold drawing,honing process to high precision and high surface quality of the aluminum cylinder tube,Sincerely to the pneumatic industry customer service.
      The Technical standard of Cold-drawn aluminum
      gas negative cylinder honing:
      ID diameter dimensional accuracy:IT9
      ID roundness tolerance:0.03-0.06mm
      Straightness tolerance:1-2mm/1m
      Internal surface roughness:Ra≤0.4μm
      Outside surface roughness:Ra≤3.2μm
      Wall thickness tolerance:±0.5%
      Chemical composition:Cu:<0.1;Si:0.2-0.6;
      In addition to these standard series, there are non-standard diameter and wall thickness of cylinder, *shape and Thin-walled cylinder ,etc.
      Cylinder length: 2m, also to increase or decrease according to customer,srequirements.
      Surface treatment:Non-oxidation treatment common anodic oxidation,hard-anoldized Oxidation, anodic oxidation of imported imitation.
      In order to facilitate the customers, matching supply steel cylinder tube, piston, cylinder cover and pneumatic housing aluminum alloy bar; undertake the development of  variious aluminum bar.

      Mechanical properties:Tensile strength    Yield strength     Elongation      Hardness
                                                   δb                          δ0.2                 δ                    HV
                                                N/mm2                   N/mm2                %
                                                  157                         108                  8                    58

      Add:Yangshan Town,Huishan DistrictWuxi,Jiangsu Province,China
      Copyright(C)2012-2013 WUXI HUALI CYLINDER TUBE CO.,LTD.